Education Partnership mini-grants

School partnership matching fund from the Great Plains Annual Conference is for a variety of innovative projects that support the goals of the conference public education initiative. Maximum grant: $1000.

Mission Engagement Grants

Apply for mission engagement grants for domestic and foreign missions to local churches within networks. Priority is given to teams who engage in mission in ways that lead to self-sustaining solutions among the locals. The team leader and all team members must be Safe Gatherings certified. Maximum grant: $500-$6,000.

Social Justice Seed Money

Do you have a project that you think could address a social justice issue, but you need a little help to get started? Social justice seed money grants are available to local churches within networks for outreach ministries focusing on root causes of injustices and the underlying reasons of why people are in need and working toward structural changes. Applications open June 1 and close by September 30. Maximum Grant: $1,000.

LGBTQIA+ Missional Leadership Grant

According to 2019 Annual Conference, the Great Plains Conference approved to make $20,000 in grant funding available to local congregations for ministries that raise up LGBTQIA+ persons as missional leaders in the Great Plains Annual Conference to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Are you in ministry with LGBTQIA+ persons in your church, network, or district who are interested in a training, ministry, idea or experience to help them take the next step in their missional leadership in our conference? Maximum Grant $1,000.

All grants will be reviewed at the end of each month, within 30 days of submission.
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Education Partnership Grant
Mission Engagement
Social Justice Seed Money (corresponds with Social Principles. May receive more information.)
LGBTQIA+ Missional Leadership Grant
Yes, I have informed my network and network leaders about this ministry.
*If approved, address to send grant request amount to: (Please include full mailing address.)
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