CCOP Feedback

We would like to continue spreading the word about Clergy Community of Practice groups.  Would you be willing to provide some feedback about the group you participated in for 2017-2018? We would like to update our publicity about CCOP with comments from those in our conference (with or without names) so that others can decide if this is the type of group that will help them grow in their ministry.  Your responses below will be appreciated.

Please complete this feedback form for the CCOP.  Please save the email that you get after you submit it so you can open your form back up again. (If you lose it for some reason, Julie Kohr at can send you a new link.)


*First Name
*Last Name
Clergy Community of Practice
*Do you feel the CCOP group helped you be a better pastor?
What was most helpful?
What could have been done differently to enhance or improve the experience for you?
What else would you share with someone else interested in a CCOP group?
*Can we use your name in future publicity?
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