Conference Council on Youth Ministries Application 2018-2019

*First Name
*Last Name
Cell phone number
Home phone number
*Name of the Great Plains United Methodist Church you are a member of

Select the district of your local church from the list below.

*Parent(s) name and email address. (Parent(s) will be contacted to verify their support.)
*Pastor's Name and Phone Number
*Youth Leader's Name and Phone Number
*Grade you will be entering in 2018
*Please tell us about your involvement in your local church/youth ministry.
*What other activities (outside of church) are you involved in?
*Why do you want to be part of the Conference Council on Youth Ministries?
*What has God been doing in your life lately?
*Tell us your testimony (how you know Jesus Christ as your personal savior).
*Are you willing to attend all CCYM meetings, The OneEvent, and Annual Conference (dates TBA, meetings will be held at various locations throughout the conference)?
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