GP Camps Summer Staff Application 2020

Apply to work at one of the Great Plains United Methodist Conference Camps:

Camp Chippewa

Camp Comeca

Camp Fontanelle

Camp Horizon

Camp Lakeside

Camp Norwesca

*First Name
*Last Name
Preferred Name
*Address 1
Address 2
*Please select each Great Plains Camp you are applying to:
Camp Chippewa - Ottawa, KS
Camp Comeca - Cozad, NE
Camp Fontanelle - Nickerson, NE
Camp Horizon - Arkansas City, KS
Camp Lakeside - Scott City, KS
Camp Norwesca - Chadron, NE
If you are interested in applying to more than one camp, please list them in the order your prefer to be considered.
*Dates you would be available to work:

List starting date to ending date.

*Do you have any conflicts with the time frame listed above? If so, please list them:
*Are you a citizen of the United States?
If no, are you authorized to work in the U.S.?
No answer
*Have you ever worked for a Great Plains camp or conference internship (Micah Corps, VBS, Pastoral Leadership, etc.)?
If yes, which camp and when?
*Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
If yes, explain:
*Do you have a valid driver's license?
*Home Church
*What church are you currently attending?
*May we follow you on social media?
If you answered yes, please list your usernames (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Educational Background:

*High School name, City and State:
*Dates attended:
*Did you graduate?
*College/University/Trade School/Etc. name, City and State:
*Dates attended
*Did you graduate?

Employment History:

*Prior employer:
*Dates worked:
*Position/Job Title:
*Responsibilities/Nature of work:
*Address of prior employer:
*Name of supervisor:
*Reason for leaving:
*May we contact your previous supervisor for a reference?
*2 - Prior employer:
*2 - Dates worked:
*2 - Position/Job Title:
*2 - Responsibilities/Nature of work:
*2 - Address of prior employer:
*2 - Name of supervisor:
*2 - Phone:
*2 - Reason for leaving:
*2 - May we contact your previous supervisor for a reference?


Please list three references who are not related to you and not shown as your immediate supervisor under the Employment History section.

*Reference 1 - Name:
*Reference 1 - Phone Number:
Reference 1 - Email Address
*Reference 1 - Relationship and Years Known:
*Reference 2 - Name:
*Reference 2 - Phone Number:
Reference 2 - Email Address
*Reference 2 - Relationship and Years Known:
*Reference 3 - Name:
*Reference 3 - Phone Number:
*Reference 3 - Email Address
*Reference 3 - Relationship and Years Known:

Other Skills, Qualifications & Certifications:


Please list any current certifications and camp support staff skills (health, maintenance, food handling, technology, lifeguarding, etc.)

*Skills & Interests

Please check all that interest you.

Camp Counselor
Kitchen Aid
Playing in praise band
Challenge Course Facilitator
Camp Nurse
Survival Skills
Outdoor Cooking
Team Games
If you selected other, please describe:
*Do you play an instrument? If so, what instrument? Are you a song leader? Please describe any other musical abilities you have.
*Age Groups

Please check the ages you would most enjoy working with.

1st - 2nd grade
3rd - 4th grade
5th - 6th grade
7th - 8th grade
9th - 12th grade
*Specialty Camps:

Please check the specialty camps you would most enjoy working with.

Day Camp
Sports Camps
Overnight (K - 3rd)
Survivor Camp
Canoe Camp
CIT Camp
Science Camp
Performing Arts Camp

Additional Questions:

Additional Questions:

*Please list any other special skills or interests that might be beneficial for a Summer Staff member.
*Please list your camp experiences beginning with most recent. Include staff, camper, and volunteer roles.
*What contributions do you think a well-run Christian camp can make to children and youth?
*What are your core beliefs about God? About Jesus?


By signing your name below:

You certify that all statements made by you on this application are true and complete to the best of your knowledge and that you understand that intentional misrepresentations or omissions may be cause for rejection of your application or subsequent if you are hired.

You understand that GP Camps may require the successful completion of drug and alcohol testing as a condition of employment, and that continued employment may be based on the successful completion of similar tests.

You understand that in connection with the routine processing of your employment application, GP Camps may request from a consumer reporting agency an investigative consumer report including information as to your credit records, character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living.  Upon written request, GP Camps will provide you with additional information concerning the nature and scope of any such report requested by it, as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

You authorize GP Camps to conduct inquiries into to your character, reputation, skills and experiences and release those supplying information to GP Camps from any liability relating to such information.

Nothing contained in the interview process, this application, or GP Camps' employment policies or procedures are intended to create an employment contract between GP Camps and you.  Should this application result in your employment, you have the right to terminate your employment at any time and for any reason and GP Camps retain a similar right. You certify that your answers are true and complete to the best of your knowledge.

If this application leads to employment, you understand that false or misleading information in your application or interview may result in your release.

GP Camps is an equal employment opportunity employer.  We adhere to a policy of making employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or veteran’s status.  We assure you that your opportunity for employment with the Organization depends solely on your qualifications.

By this document, GP Camps discloses to you that a consumer report may be obtained for employment purposes as part of the pre-employment/post-offer background investigation and at any time during your employment if hired.  Examples of the reports GP Camps may obtain include, but are not limited to, reports on criminal felony convictions, credit history, motor vehicle history, previous employment, and education.

GP Camps also discloses to you that an investigative consumer report containing information as to your character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living may be obtained for employment purposes as part of the pre-employment/post-offer background investigation and at any time during your employment if hired.  Should an investigative consumer report be requested, you have the right to demand a complete and accurate disclosure of the nature and scope of the investigation requested and a written summary of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Please sign below to signify that you have received and understand the foregoing disclosure.


I HEREBY GIVE GP Camps authorization to obtain consumer reports or investigative consumer reports on me as part of the pre-employment/post-offer background investigation process.  If hired, this authorization shall serve as evidence of ongoing authorization for GP Camps to obtain consumer or investigative consumer reports on me at any time during my employment period for purposes of promoting, reassigning, or retraining me as an employee.

*Electronic Signature

Please type your full legal name.

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