Candidacy Summit June 2020

Candidacy Summit June 2020

June's Summit will be held at St. Luke United Methodist Church in Lincoln, NE -- 1621 Superior St., Lincoln, NE 68521

If you request lodging, a reservation will be made for you at Comfort Suites University -- 4231 Industrial Ave., Lincoln, NE 68504

Information about the Summit, including a tentative schedule, is available at

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Are you currently enrolled in college or seminary or do you plan to start college or seminary in the next six months?

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Registration Fee

You must select one of the following options.You have the option to pay directly after submitting your registration using a credit card or mailing a check. Full refund may be requested (in writing) for cancellation of registration at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Partial and/or full refund may be available for other cancellations on a case by case basis.

$250 ($250)

The $250 registration fee covers the cost of the background check, psychological test required for certification as a candidate and your portion of food and lodging costs. Where possible, the local church or ministry setting is encouraged to assist candidates with the expense of candidacy. The remainder of the costs will be paid by the Board of Ordained Ministry.

$50 ($50)

The $50 registration is for those who have previously paid $200 and completed the background check and psychological assessment.

*Dietary Concerns (check as many as apply)
Gluten Free
Lactose Intolerant
Other: (We will do our best to accomodate or contact with options.)
Physical Limitations

Please list any special needs you may have and we will do our best to accommodate.

*How did you find out about Candidacy Summit? (check as many as apply)
District Superintendent
Great Plains website
Other (please specify):
*Have you interviewed with your District Superintendent and been enrolled in UMCARES/received a recommendation to enter the candidacy process?

Check box if yes; required before registration is accepted.

*I understand the following:

There are steps related to the Candidacy Summit, psychological assessment and background check that must be completed in UMCARES no later than May 29, 2020 in order to be elibible to attend the Summit. Additionally, I understand that there are other non-UMCARES pre-Summit requirements such as a written statement of call, creation of a prayer team and review of certain scripture passages and chapters in the candidacy book (listed in the Step-by-Step Guide for Candidacy) that I will need to complete prior to the Summit in order to arrive prepared.

*Are you Safe Gatherings certified?

If not, you must complete the Safe Gatherings certification process at, complete all paperwork and submit payment prior to May 22, 2020 to be eligible to attend the Summit.

If you answered yes to being Safe Gatherings certified, please enter the date at which your certification expires.
I am currently serving as:
No answer
District Superintendent Assignment
Certified Lay Minister
Location of assignment if CLM or DSA
*I will be bringing my own laptop or tablet:

A laptop or tablet is required in order to complete candidacy summit tests. There is a very limited number of spare laptops for the conference office to lend. Please plan to bring your own or borrow one to bring to Candidacy Summit. Tablet devices should work for the testing.

Please be sure to bring your power cord with your device so you do not run out of battery.


Lodging is provided for Friday evening, June 12th checking out on Saturday, June 13th. A registration will be made for you unless you indicate you do not need lodging. We ask that you share a room with other candidates. A fee of $49.50 will be charged if you request single occupancy.

*Will you need a hotel room for the night of Friday, June 12th?
If you have a roommate in mind, list their name here:
Check this box if you request your own room for the night of June 12th. ($49.50)

An additional fee of $49.50 will be automatically added to this registration form if you request your own room.

Lodging is available for Thursday, June 11th at an additional cost.
Check this box if you request a shared room for Thursday night. Must also be sharing a room for Friday night. An additional fee of $49.50 will be added to your registration total. ($49.50)
Check this box if you request a single room for Thursday night. Must also request a single room for Friday night. An additional fee of $99 will be added to your registration total. ($99)

For any questions regarding the Candidacy Summit contact Rev. Karen Jeffcoat at

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