Camp Chippewa Bless-A-Horse Equine Sponsorship Program

Every year over 2,000 children, youth and adults experience the love of God through the camp's more than 30 horses. Confidence, trust, and communication are all skills gained while working and riding a horse. Incredible life-long memories are made with these special animals. Your support of the Bless-A-Horse program is the key to maintaining the success of the horse program and the ministry of Camp Chippewa. The average cost for a year of horse care is $1,250.

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This sponsorship program does not entitle sponsor(s) to ownership, exclusive, or confidential privileges in any way to the sponsored animal or Camp Chippewa property. There may be more than one sponsor per horse.

Saddle-Up ($300)
Walk ($600)
Trot ($900)
Trail Blazer ($1,200)
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