Clergy Covenant Group Grant Application

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*Contact Information for Other Group Members:

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For the purposes of this grant, a covenant group is:

  • a defined group of 3-8 clergy who meet for encouragement, support, AND accountability
  • committed to pray for one another
  • may have a written covenant
  • meets regularly, though maybe not monthly
  • may be a residency, local pastor mentoring group, or Transition into Ministry group
  • NOT a network meeting, lectionary study group, or book club
  • a full description of clergy covenant groups is available on our website: 
Purpose of Grants:

The Clergy Covenant Group Grant is being made available for groups of 3-8 Great Plains UMC clergy with the following intent:

  • To provide incentives for existing groups to reimagine their covenant together by enhancing their current group practices.
  • To encourage new groups to form
  • To address needs of limited financial resources that may be a barrier for some groups in meeting face to face
  • To enhance the fruitfulness and health of clergypersons
Use of Funds:

Funds can be used for any of the following (please check which ones apply):

Mileage reimbursement for group members for face to face meetings.
To purchase resources (books, subscription service, video, etc.) for members of group to use.
To cover meals or lodging for a gathering (retreat or meeting).
To provide an honorarium, travel expenses, or food for a guest speaker for your group.
  • The group must be between 3-8 people
  • The group must have met at least twice before. (Enter dates below)
  • Your group could include non-Great Plains clergy but funds are eligible to be used on Great Plains clergy
*Enter two dates your group have previously met:
Project Details:

Proposal for Grant:

*What is the central purpose of your proposal?
*What are the goals of your proposal?
*What are the key activities of your proposal?
*What is the timeline of your proposal?
Budget for Proposal:
Provide a budget for your project including anticipated timeline for budget expenditures.  No more than $500 can be requested for each group in a calendar year
You can upload a file for your budget if you prefer.

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

*Receiving of Funds--Please let us know who to make the check out to and where you would like it sent:
Application Deadlines:
  • Applications will be accepted by the first day of the following months: February, May, August, and November.
  • Anticipate that it will take a month to process your request.
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