Fruitfulness Grant Feedback Loop

Please complete this survey after the Pre-Grant Seminar and again after you complete the Telling Your Story Self-Guided Seminar. You can complete the first part of this and can actually add to it through the next year. Please save the email that you get after you submit it and you can open your form back up again. (If you lose it for some reason, Nicole Guthrie at can send you a new link.)

*First Name
*Last Name
What do you remember was the best thing about this meeting?
What do you wish would have been better?

At the Pre-Grant Seminar, you were given a chance to begin to dream about what your grant would become.

What do you remember as being helpful in that seminar?
What could have been done differently?
*How did you decide/develop the Group Covenant?
Did your group have conversation on the “faithful practices” (spiritual disciplines) that we encouraged to be a part of the grant meetings?
*How many times did you meet for the grant?

You were sent a link to a Dropbox that included 3 things: instructions about the resources made available to you, a video interview between Ashlee and Todd to show your committee, and a self-directed PPT “webinar” with further instruction that was prepared for you by Todd Seifert.

Did you share it with your Fruitfulness Committee or was it just for your own use?
How did you use them?
What did you find most helpful?
What could have been done better?
What else would you add about the Fruitfulness Grant?
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