Great Plains Crucible Graduates Followup

Great Plains Crucible Graduates Followup

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Greetings New Church Crucible Graduates,

I hope this communication finds you flourishing as you continue your ministry through the busy and beautiful fall months.

It has a been a few months since the conclusion of our final time together as a Crucible cohort.  I am interested in receiving feedback from all of you while you continue your ministry after the conclusion of the crucible.  We’re always seeking to improve the experience of our time with folks who are part of this process so your feedback will be invaluable to changes we’ll take a look at this year and next.

A few reminders about what you experienced last year:

Connecting in Community Launch Pad – COR, Leawood, KS

Ministry Action Plan Development:

Build a team, build a covenant, understand context, Focus – Values, Mission and Vision, Strategy and Transformation

Discipleship System Launch Pad – St. Andrew’s, Omaha, NE

Large Donor/Stewardship Launch Pad – COR, Leawood, KS

Leadership by Size Launch Pad – Center of Grace, Olathe, KS

Here are the questions:

Each of you entered the crucible with much different circumstances back home in your ministry context. How did it help you, or, how did it hinder you to be in this process with different projects?

The primary focus of the New Church Crucible was to provide best practices in the development of a core team around loving God, learning together and leading.  A healthy core team of leaders provides a strong foundation for a ministry innovation start, or restart. Describe what it was like to take the practices learned during your time in the crucible and implement them in your ministry context.

What did you learn from the things that went well?
What did you learn from the times where you struggled?
Of the sessions encountered, which one(s) proved most surprising and helpful?
Of the session encountered, which one(s) proved to be frustrating?
If you were to participate in the New Church Crucible again, what would you like to have as part of the process that did not get covered? What would you have liked to have more of in the process?
Do you have a crucible story about a transformation in your community or an individual’s life you would be willing to share as a result you or your core team’s leadership? Please share below. This will not be used without your permission.

Thank you for your feedback!  Your leadership, feedback and your faithfulness bless the United Methodist Church each day. 


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