Great Plains Planter Incubator Graduates Followup

Greetings to all of you in the name of Jesus Christ!

You are receiving this because I am interested in checking in on how everyone is doing as a result of your experience participating in the planter incubator.  Some of you experienced the first one in 2014-15.  Another group of you participated in year two this past year, 2015-16.  You’ll be glad to know that another 15 leaders from churches currently are participating this year!

I am interested in hearing any stories you might be willing to share concerning your experience in the Incubator, whether it was year one or year two.  You would bless the work of New Church Development moving forward if you took a few minutes to share “Incubator Stories,” with us.  Please fill in your stories in the spaces followed by the questions below.  No information will be used from this without your consent.  This is a vehicle for you to provide feedback to me and New Church Development board members who assist in an ongoing evaluation of this process.

*First Name
*Last Name

The planter incubator provides training and coaching by planters who are in the process of planting or have done so in the past.  These planters provided witness and information around calling, competencies (connecting in community, faith sharing, discipleship system development, fundraising and marketing) as well as character (setting goals and following up). 

What was the immediate impact of your participation in the Planter Incubator and your leadership?  Please share in the space provided below.
What was the most positive aspect of the process?
What was the least helpful aspect of the process?
What has been the long-term impact of your participation in the Planter Incubator process?
If you participated in the Planter Incubator again what would you hope you would learn or hear about that was not covered in your first experience?
How has your participation in the Planter Incubator helped you interpret the need for planting new churches to your current congregation?
Would you be interested in a gathering for a reunion of Incubators at next year’s annual conference?

Thank you in advance for your feedback! 

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