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Thank you for sharing your ministry ideas with others throughout Kansas, Nebraska and beyond! Please fill out the information below as completely as possible so that others can benefit from what you are sharing. Together we can make great leaders, great churches and great disciples as we help transform the world.

Who is Sharing?
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*Home Church

Please provide the name of your church, extension ministry or where your are serving here.

Contact Information

Please check if we are allowed to include your contact information (name, phone number and email) on the website so others interested in what you have shared may reach out to you.

*Ministry Area

Please identify which area(s) of ministry your idea addresses.

Bible Study
Camping & Retreats
Children's Ministry
Church Administration
Clergy Resources
Disaster Response
Dynamic Worship
Justice Ministries
Leadership Development
Making Disciples
Multicultural Ministries
Service & Mission
Young Adult
Youth Ministries
*Share Your Story

Tell us about your idea. When possible, please share specifics — statistical improvements, resources used, costs, time spent, number of volunteers, etc. — so that churches get a feel for how you did it and how they can scale what you've done to their own contexts. You also may attach your story as a Word, text of PDF document below.

Attach a File

If you have files, such as Word documents that share your story, or PDFs, photos or other files that you used during the execution of your idea, please share them here.

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

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