Mission Agency Funds Application for 2021

Deadline: you must submit this application by November 30, 2019.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Name of Organization
*Contact Person
*Contact's Email Address:
*Contact's Telephone Number:
*Agency Mailing Address:
*Great Plains amount budgeted for 2020:
*Amount requested for 2021:
*1. What are the goals and priorities of your organization?
*2. How many unduplicated individuals did your institution serve in 2018?
*3. How does your work support the missional priorities of the Great Plains Annual Conference?

Missional Priorities:

1.     Missional priorities are our preferred response to the present reality of our conference. They will be reviewed regularly and may be adjusted as our context for ministry changes.

2.     Enhancing the ministry of local churches, including Christ-centered excellence in:

          i.     Youth Ministry. We will seek to equip local churches to reach youth in their congregations and communities by providing support and training to both paid and volunteer youth

                    leaders. We also will equip congregations that currently have no youth program to reach youth in their communities.

          ii.     Preaching and worship. We will offer opportunities for pastors to become more effective preachers, and we will connect pastors and other worship leaders with resources that

                    will assist them in designing passionate, relevant, Christ-centered worship.

          iii.     Engaging the community. We will seek to equip local congregations to understand and to connect with the community, with a particular emphasis on going beyond the walls of

                    the church to witness and to serve.

          iv.     Transforming service to the world. We will connect congregations to the needs of the world and offer them strategies and opportunities to address both immediate and

                    systemic needs.

*4. As a result of this grant, how is your organization furthering the church’s work in addressing systemic injustices?
*5. How, specifically, will the Great Plains funds be directed in your organization?
*6. What percentage of your total budget is composed of Great Plains funds?
*7. What is your total budget?
*8. Please share a story about how the conference investment has helped to change a life.
*9. Is a copy of your most recent audit or financial review on file in the Great Plains Treasurer's office?

(If not, please mail to Great Plains UMC, P.O. Box 4187, Topeka KS  66604)

*10. How are your Board of Directors members elected?
*11. What percentage of the Board Members are United Methodist?
12. What other information would you like to provide?
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