OneEvent Reimagined Group Registration

Please register your group with a projected number of youth and adult sponsors that will be participating in OneEvent Reimagined, June 14-18, 2020. Additionally, individuals from your group must register and submit all necessary paperwork in the spring. You will receive notification when the individual registration form is available.

Church Information
*Name of Church

Please include city in the name if this is a "First", "Grace", St. ___", etc.

*Church Address
*City, State, Zip
Group Leader

The Group Leader, as the primary contact person, will serve as the liaison between your church group and the Conference. This person is responsible for communicating all information, instructions, policies, and requirements from the Conference to your group. The Group Leader will also oversee Individual Registration of participants in your group, utilizing the participant list that will be emailed to you on a bi-weekly basis, and ensuring Individual Registration fees are paid. This person is usually the Youth Director/Youth Worker, but can also be an active volunteer, pastor, or whoever else is organizing your group’s trip.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Group Leader's Title/Position in the Church
Projected Group Size

The projected group numbers are one of the most important factors in matching up church groups, as the totals should equal the capacity of the Home Base (host church). Please provide a specific number (not a range) of youth and adults who are expected to attend OneEvent Reimagined. In order to comply with Safe Gatherings policy, there must be 2 adults per 5 youth.

*Number of Youth

Completed grades 6-12, as of Spring 2020

*Number of Adult Sponsors

In order to comply with Safe Gatherings guidelines, adult sponsors must be at least 23 years old and Safe Gatherings Certified. Proof of certification is required one month prior to event. Additional online OneEvent Adult Sponsor Training is required for all adults, and more information on this will be coming.

*Total Number of Participants
*Do you anticipate bringing any students who may require accommodations (ie dietary concerns, special housing/sleeping arrangements, physical limitations, etc)? If yes, please explain.
*$100 Group Deposit

You may pay online or send a check in to the Conference by December 15. After that, the deposit will increase to $150. If paying by check, please indicate in the memo "OneEvent Group Deposit"

Only number values are allowed
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