Pastoral Leadership Internship Application

Application for churches to complete for an intern to be appointed to their church ministry program.

Contact information for person completing application form:

*First Name
*Last Name
*Church(es) Name:
*Church phone number:
*Church email address:

I.  Mentor Information

To be filled out by mentor who is the person working most closely with the intern this summer.

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Email address:
*Phone number:
*What is your ministry position at your church?
*How long have you served in this role at the church?
*How would you describe your leadership style?
*What do you feel is important in mentoring?
*Please describe your experience working with interns in the past.
*What are your commitments for being out of the office this summer? Who would oversee the intern in your absense?

II. Congregation

*Why would you like to host a summer intern?
*Why do you think your church would be good for an intern?
*What commitments and expectations would the church have of the intern?
*How do you imagine a successful summer with an intern would look?
*What do you believe would be most challenging about having an intern?
*How would you describe a culture of call?

III. Internship Placement

Typically, the teams choose churches and interns at the same time for a best-fit match for the summer. The following questions will help us in the matching process:

*Please describe some of the experiences you would anticipate this intern would have.
*Identify events or activities this summer in which your intern would be able to offer leadership.
*What experiences in the life of your church this summer would provide special learning opportunities?
*What are your plans for internship housing?
*Please list 4-5 skills, experiences, or characteristics that you would hope for in an intern who was assigned to work with your ministry.
What else would you like the teams to know?
*I have read and agreed to the roles and responsibilities of the church in the internship program.

Priority deadline is March 1. Check out more information at

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