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Project Revolution 2018

Project Revolution 2018 - 5 Rivers District Youth Lock-In

For all Youth, 6th through 12th grade

Event Date: September 8-9, 2018

Where: Lawrence 1st West Campus, 867 US - 40 Hwy, Lawrence, KS

Time: 5:00 p.m., Saturday the 8th, to 10:00 a.m., Sunday the 9th (after worship)

Cost: 20.00 if you pay online, or 25.00 at the door

One adult must accompany each group of 1 to 6 youth. All adults helping must be Safe Gatherings Certified.


You can pay online through Paypal or bring your fee that day. You also need to have a medical release on file with your attending youth leader, or bring a completed one that day.

Health Form

***Photos will be taken at Project Revolution that may be used on our website, newsletter or other publications. Registering for this event implies permission for us to use said photos from this event. If you do not want to give permission, it is your responsibility to let us know in writing in advance of this event.

Registration Deadline, August 31st, 2018



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You receive a t-shirt with your paid registration to Project Revolution. Please select the size you need. We will have them available at registration. Please choose from the dropdown menu.

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Registration Fee

Pay with Paypal or if you choose none, mail a check to the district office. Please note that if you pay online, you receive a 5.00 discount. Fee at the door is 25.00.

Pay now with Paypal ($20)
Pay at the door ($25)
Pay with a group
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