Wichita Districts Confirmation Camp

Confirmation Camp is coming to the Wichita East and Wichita West Districts this year!

When:  June 4-8, 2019
Where:  Southwestern College
How much:  $75 per confirmand ($60 for each adult sponsor)
What:  Sparkhouse Publishing Co.’s Colaborate Confirmation Curriculum (find out more here:  www.wearesparkhouse.org/teens/colaborate/methodist/)
(Supplemental material will be provided for your use upon the confirmand’s return to the local church)

Questions?:  contact Wendy Mohler-Seib at wendy.mohlerseib@sckans.edu or 316-377-4678


Please enter individual camper info below:

*First Name
*Last Name
Please list any food allergies:
*Parent's Name
*Parent's Phone
*Home Church
*Pastor's Name
*Are you a Camper or an Adult Sponsor?
Adult Sponsor

Please print these three forms, fill them out and return via one of the three methods listed below.  
You can click the links below and either print the form, or fill it out electronically.  If you fill it out electronically, be sure you print before leaving the page, or save the pdf file to your computer.  

Form 1 - Health Form

Form 2 - Residence Agreement

Form 3 - Special Events Waiver

Once completed, please submit forms by: 
                  1.  Emailing them to:  wendy.mohlerseib@sckans.edu 
                  2.  Mail them to:  Rev. Wendy Mohler-Seib
                                              Southwestern College
                                              100 College St
                                              Winfield, KS  67156
                  3.  Bring them with you to the Registration at Confirmation Camp.  ***BE SURE THEY ARE SIGNED BY PARENTS***

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