Youth Ministry Matching Internship Grants

The Great Plains Conference will provide matching grants to churches who would like to hire their own youth summer interns. The interns will also be invited to an opening retreat, May 20-24.

*Name of church
Supervisor of Intern
*First Name
*Last Name
*Address 1
Address 2
*Funds church can give to internship
Funds needed for the internship (Great Plains interns are usually paid $3200)
Yes, the church is willing to include this in their payroll. Please send us a matching grant.
No, the church would like the payroll to be handled by the conference for $9/hr up to 40 hours a week
*Opening Retreat
Yes, I would like my intern to participate in the Opening Retreat for all Interns in Great Plains in May.
No, I do not plan for my intern to participate in the Opening Retreat in May.

Since the matching funds comes from mission shares, if your district has a strategy that includes youth, we will let you know how this can be incorporated in the job description.

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