Youthworker Training Grants

We are pleased to offer grants to help youthworkers from the Great Plains Conference become better equipped to reach youth in their congregations and communities.  A limited number of grants are available each callendar year as long as funds are available.  Grant applications will be considered based on the following criteria:

1)  Any adult who works with youth in a local church of the Great Plains Conference is eligible to apply.  No individual will be awarded more than one grant per calendar year.  No more than three individuals from any church will be awarded a grant in one calendar year.

2)  Eligible training events include the National Youthworkers Convention, Perkins School of Youth Ministry, the Princeton Forums on Youth Ministry, Youth Ministry Institute, and other similar programs.  Training events (such as Spring Training) sponsored by the Great Plains Conference are not eligible training events as the cost of these events has already been subsidized by the Great Plains Conference.  College and seminary classes are not eligible training events for this grant.  Training events with a registration fee of less than $100.00 are not eligible training events.

3) Grants will be awarded in the amount of $50.00 to $250.00.  Grants will be awarded for up to 50% of the registration cost for any one training event.  Grant applicants are encouraged to take advantage of early bird discount rates and/or denominational or group discounts for events.  Grant amounts may be based on the lowest possible registration cost even if the grant applicant does not take advantage of those rates.

4) Grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.  Applications should be made at least 30 days before the start of an event (but much earlier is better).  Funding is limited and may not last the entire calendar year

5) All decisions of the grant reviewing committee are final.

6) Please contact Melissa Gepford at with any questions.

*First Name
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*Address 1
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*Name of Church:
*What training event are you planning to attend? Please provide a link to the event's website.
*How long have you been involved in youth ministry in your current church? Please describe your current involvement in youth ministry.
*Please check all that apply:
I am a youth ministry volunteer.
I am a paid part-time staff member.
I am a paid full-time staff member.
I am a pastor appointed to a local church.
I am a college or seminary student.
*Please attach an invoice or receipt of the training.

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

*Please specify who the grant needs to be sent to (reimbursement to youthworker, to the vendor, or reimburse church account):

Please include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Attention/Account Number

*By submitting this application I agree that I will complete a short survey about the training event that I attended. I further agree that I will immediately return all grant funds if I am unable to attend the event.

You will be notified by email with the grant is reviewed and processed.

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