Great Plains Conference Leadership Nomination

This recommendation will be used by the Nominations Team to assist in developing a leadership pool from which to fulfill committees, boards or other positions as necessary.

The Great Plains United Methodist Conference is committed to excellent leadership in all areas. We strive to use the best processes to discern spiritually grounded, gifted, and committed leaders for our conference. Our goal is to assemble a pool of discerned potential leaders. This will be done through nomination, either by the nominee or another person, along with a completed spiritual gifts inventory* and a commitment covenant*. Once completed, the nominee's name will then be placed in a candidate pool to be drawn from for all leadership needs of the conference.

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Once the nomination form has been submitted, the nominee will receive an email containing a link to an online spiritual gifts survey and a commitment covenant. The nomination is not complete until these items have been submitted.

Thank you for your gift of service to the Great Plains United Methodist Conference.


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