Youth Service Fund Grant Application

  • YSF grants are available on an ongoing basis and will be review four times per year.
  • Grant applications received by August 1 will be reviewed by September 15, applications received by November 1 will be reviewed by December 15, applications received by February 1 will be reviewed by March 15, applications received by May 1 will be reviewed by June 15.
*First Name
*Last Name
*Mailing Address
Cell Phone
Home/Work Phone
*Project Title
*Project Sponsor/Agency/Church
*Project Address
*Project Location
*Project Date(s)
*Age range of participants
Project Website and/or social media
*How much money are you requesting from YSF?
*Have you applied for funding from other sources? Please note the other sources and the amount awarded or pending.
*Please list the detailed budget for the project, noting how funds requested from YSF would be used.
*Have you ever requested YSF funding for this project before? Has your organization requested YSF funding for any other projects before?
*Please give a brief history of this project.
*How will this project encourage the spiritual growth of students?
*What are your project goals? How do you plan to achieve them?
*How many students do you expect to participate in this project?
*How are students involved in the leadership and planning of the project?
*Please feel free to share any other information that you feel may be helpful. You are also encouraged to email any any supporting documents or pictures to

By submitting this application I certify that I have answered all questions as honestly and as accurately as possible. I understand and agree to the terms set forth in this application and its accompanying document.

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